If you want to learn more about the Block Editor in WordPress, the WP BlockTalk event videos are now online from their recent virtual conference. You can watch all the videos at https://wordpress.tv/event/wpblocktalk-april-2020/ or just watch them below.

Matt Mullenweg, Matías Ventura: The Roadmap for Gutenberg (Plus a Demo)
Rich Tabor: Extending the Block Editor with Tools & Styles
Bill Erickson,Ellen Bauer, Beth Soderberg: Case Studies – How to Prepare your Theme for Gutenberg
Enrique Sanchez: Accessibility & Gutenberg Keyboard-only Navigation
Tammie Lister: Global Styles – What’s in the Works
Joen Asmussen, Pablo Honey: Overhauling Blocks UI – Lessons Learned
Greg Ziolkowski: How to Speed Up Development with Block Scaffolding
Victor Ramirez: Gutenberg Beyond the Block
Mike McAlister, Jeffery Carandang, K.Adam White: Case Studies for Creating Blocks
Miguel Fonseca, Greg Ziolkowski: The Evolution of Extensibility in Gutenberg
Jon Q: Crafting Components with Storybook
Mel Choyce: Make Unique Designs by Combining Blocks
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