West Orlando WordPress: A Growing WordPress Community in Clermont, Winter Garden, Windermere, and Apopka

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Orlando is growing by leaps and bounds, especially with technology companies and workers. One problem with metro-area growth is traffic. Lots of traffic. And not the website kind we all crave for our businesses and blogs. Cars and trucks and buses increasingly clog the highways and tollways of the area to the extent that, just at the time of day when we want to attend a WordPress meetup (typically right after work ends), the slog to get to the venue is too daunting to make the attempt.

In biology, when an organism’s population grows, its habitats divide into more groups. This gives strength to the community as a whole through diversity, redundancy, and healthy distribution. So, it stands to reason that the WordPress community will also experience its own growth. And it has.

When we started West Orlando WordPress, it was with that goal in mind. We wanted to make sure that more people could make it to a WordPress community gathering without a ton of travel or hassle. So, we moved closer to those who were most affected by long commutes and traffic. The West Orlando area is exploding in growth, so we anticipate that our new WordPress community will grow as well.

For a long time, a group of us have attended the main WordPress Orlando Meetup exclusively. We have only good things to say about them. They have been an anchor for WordPress in the Orlando area for so long and are the main organizers of the annual WordCamp Orlando event, plus many others. We continue to attend their events and volunteer at WordCamp Orlando.

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress professional or don’t know what WordPress is, but would like to know more, there’s a place for you at West Orlando WordPress as well. As do all WordPress Meetups, we welcome everyone and hope to provide you with information, knowledge, and community around WordPress that builds value in your personal and professional efforts.

See our official West Orlando WordPress Meetup.com page to RSVP for the next event. We also keep a Meetup page here on this site with the same information, plus links to videos and other resources from our events (coming soon).

We hope to see you at our next gathering!

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Rob is a founder of West Orlando WordPress and an online business coach and digital marketing consultant at Webidextrous.com.