Scott Mann – Stop Giving Your WordPress Business Away

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Meetup News | 0 comments

Learn practical and tactical tips on how to make more money, stop giving your business away, and stay kind while doing it.


Scott Mann comes from a long line of business owners who drove their businesses into the ground by being too nice. He spent 5 years not charging enough and 10 years doing favors that were never returned. He’s here to share some of his hard-knock tips and tactics on staying nice but earning what you deserve and leveling up your WordPress services.


Scott is an Emmy-winning creative director and has 25 years of experience leading teams to produce exceptional online presence for organizations worldwide. He founded Highforge, a WordPress-centric marketing collective. He’s helped small startups, as well as enterprise corporations, lead and succeed online. He and his teams have managed over a hundred million in project and ad spending and over 900 million in revenue growth for companies across dozens of industries. He loves to solve problems, make clients happy, and help creatives achieve their destinies. He’s been a Certified Google Partner since 2002 and he’s passionate about building lead-generating online marketing campaigns for service-based businesses. As an international speaker and coach for freelancers and agency owners, he’s helped many level up their game. He’s a fan of non-profits with creative missions and has served on numerous boards of directors in Central Florida. He digs racquetball, live music, adventure travel, scuba, and a non-profit called Be the Match that helps save lives.


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