Michelle Schulp – But Why? Designing for Strategy

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Learn about the strategy behind good web design.


Designers and non-designers alike can get caught up in the aesthetics and functionality of a website, and forget that every decision made should be supported by an underlying strategy. We will discuss how to find your site’s primary call to action and create experiences that support that goal. We will also evaluate design choices of many well-known sites as we examine how they help (or hinder) common goals. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or a person maintaining a site, you will come away with a critical eye for evaluating design patterns and a process for narrowing down a design strategy.


Michelle is an independent graphic designer and frontend developer in Minneapolis. Before beginning her career, she studied Visual Communications, Psychology and Sociology. As her work progressed, she also branched into front-end development and user experience design. This combination of disciplines led her to adopt a strategy-based approach to design, focused on solving tangible problems and achieving real goals based on how people think. Now, she collaborates on projects with clients ranging from solopreneurs to enterprise. She loves the open source community, and when she is not working on projects she speaks/volunteers/organizes for events and organizations around the country. Her passions are communication and empowerment, and she believes in the power of “Why?”


Michelle’s Website: marktimemedia.com
Connect on Twitter: @marktimemedia

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