Chris Lema – Online Courses: You Have Options

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Learn what your options are when building an online course on WordPress.


There are so many solutions to host your own online courses in WordPress. Which one do you choose? Chris Lema is an expert in WordPress online courseware plugins and how to market your courses. Chris presents various options and their pros and cons.


A storyteller and public speaker, Chris Lema has been helping creators and businesses tell their stories more effectively for decades. He’s coached technology companies for more than 20 years, built and sold software companies, launched Software-as-a-Service products, and had more than 8 million visitors to his blog in the last 8 years. While at Liquid Web, he created the Managed WooCommerce platform now run on the Nexcess brand. He also helped acquire several WordPress plugins into the StellarWP brand. Today he’s the GM of LearnDash, the leading online learning solution for WordPress.


All Social Media: @chrislema

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