Nick Diego – Introduction to WordPress Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing (FSE) was first introduced with WordPress 5.9 in January 2022, and additional enhancements will soon be coming with version 6.0. FSE signifies a major shift in the way we build websites with WordPress. Despite all the hype and discussion around FSE, you might still be wondering: “What is it? How does it work? What does it mean for my site or the sites of my clients?”

In this presentation, we will provide a thorough overview of FSE and discuss how you can leverage these changes to build better websites. FSE is the future of modern theming in WordPress Core, and we could not be more excited!

Nick Diego is a Developer Advocate at WP Engine and has been working with WordPress for over a decade. Passionate about the Gutenberg project and “modern” WordPress development, he splits his time between creating educational content, building experimental plugins and themes, and contributing to WordPress Core. You can follow him on Twitter at [@nickmdiego]( or reach out in the WordPress Slack channel at @ndiego.

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